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Small group tours to Asia

Starting in Vietnam in 1993, we have spent the past 20 years perfecting our Small Group Touring ethos and we now operate them in over 11 destinations across the region. Our Small Group Tours are recognized for having a maximum group size of just 16 travelers, innovative touring, quality hotels and the expertise and guidance of our famed Western tour leaders and expert local guides.

Genuinely small groups

On our Small Group Tours you will experience Asia in a group of no more than 16 people, and an average group size of just 12 people. Travelling in a small group, you will feel less like a tourist and more like an independent traveller, yet with the camaraderie of like-minded travellers, and expert knowledge of our local English-speaking guides and Western tour leaders.

Guaranteed departures

For our most popular Small Group Tours, like the ‘Highlights of Vietnam’ and ‘Highlights of China’ all scheduled tours are guaranteed to depart. With many others, a number of scheduled tours are guaranteed throughout the year. This means you can finalise your travel arrangements, including international flights and any pre and post-tour activities and hotels, early on. Look for our ‘Departure Status Guaranteed’ tick.

Our insider experiences

We know that travellers who choose to experience Asia with Focus Asia Travel want to gain a deeper appreciation for the cuisine, the culture, the people and the history. Our Insider Experiences give you the opportunity to do just this. On our Cycling Vietnam tour, you will cycle to the outskirts of Hanoi just as the city is waking, to experience the colour and vibrancy of the morning flower market. Join the Highlights of Burma and you will gain a sense of another era when you take a sunset horse-cart ride in Bagan. Join any of our Small Group Tours to China and you will experience the way of life in Beijing’s ancient hutongs, when you join a local family for lunch in their home. These are just a few our insider experiences.

Innovative itineraries

Focus Asia Travel has been creating unique holidays in Asia for 20 years, and we are keen to share our expertise and passion for Asia with you by creating innovative itineraries that capture the essence of each of our destinations. Our Asia-based experts have their finger on the pulse in the region, giving them the edge when it comes to crafting in-depth itineraries that give you the chance to have the kind of experiences that many travellers miss.

Peace of mind

With six regional offices throughout Asia, we offer unrivalled level of on-the-ground support for our travellers in Asia. Before you go, our Australia-based Asia experts will be more than happy to answer all your questions right up until the day you depart.

20 years Asia experience

We have been specialising in travel to Indochina and Asia for over two decades, so when you join one of our Small Group Tours you can be confident that we know our way around, that we have an in-depth understanding of our destinations, and are fully aware of the kinds of what our travellers want during their holiday to Asia.

Local English speaking guides

Exploring with our local English-speaking guides gives you an insight into a destination not found in any guidebook. Thy are renowned for their expert local knowledge and can give you a new perspective on highlight attractions, as well as insider tips about their hometown. Our local guides are some of the best in the region and we are always getting great feedback from our clients. After all, there is nothing like travelling with a local.

Local guide profile

Being a local guide in Saigon is like a dream come true for me. I’ve been working as a local guide for Travel Indochina for 11 years now and it never gets boring. Having lived in Saigon for since 1996, I’ve seen it grow and change, and in this job I get to see more of it than most people. I just love to show our clients the places that I’ve discovered. There are plenty of highlights, like historic Dong Khoi Street, and I give our travellers a local perspective on them, but my favourite part is when I can show them part of my town that many tourists miss. They get a much better understanding of the Saigon the locals know. Sometimes our guests have a specific interest in food or photography or something else. With our small group size I can really get to know each one and help them get the most out of the city. I especially love showing them my favourite places to eat.

Western tour leaders

Our Western tour leaders live in Asia, so they’ve got their finger on the pulse of this ever-changing region. Their passion for Asia is contagious, something our travellers tell us time and time again, and that is why our customers rate their overall satisfaction with our tour leaders at 98%. Just knowing they are there gives you the confidence to relax and enjoy your holiday even more.

Tour leader profile

I’ve been a tour leader for 10 years now, and my passion for travelling in Asia is as strong now as the day I started. I love to introduce our clients to the local people and cultures in Asia. Getting away from the tourist traps and showing our travellers what Asia is really like is my inspiration. This type of interaction turns a holiday into a special travel experience and these are the memories people will treasure forever. Travelling in a small group also means I get a chance to really find out what people want from their trip, and I can help them achieve that. I’m especially interested in photography and my job gives me plenty of opportunities to photograph the people and places we come across, and I find many travellers share this interest too. Every day I get to do the things I love, so it’s hardly like work at all.
If you’ve never travelled with Travel Indochina before, you might be wondering if a Small Group Tour will suit your style of travel. We are confident that our travel style suits most travellers (99% of our clients have said they would travel with us again) but if you’re not sure, reading through the statements below may help.

I am after a holiday that is excellent value and includes hand-picked, quality accommodation, transport, touring, entrance fees, some but not all meals, and the passionate guidance of a Western tour leader.

I want to experience authentic Asia, on an innovative itinerary that covers all the highlights as well as some unique local activities.

I want to be able to enjoy my holiday knowing that I don’t have to worry about organising my accommodation, transport, and daily touring, and that if anything goes wrong, someone will be able to take care of it.

I want flexibility and variety: organised touring and meals some days, and free time to do my own thing on others.

I want to know that I can confidently travel without a guide book, secure in the knowledge that my local guide and Western tour leader can offer more up-to-date information than any guide book can.

I would like to meet and share my travel experience with like-minded travellers who share my interests but may be any age, and from many different backgrounds.

I don’t want to be just a number on a large group tour – I like travelling with other people but I want a personalised, intimate travel experience.

I am travelling solo but would like to share my experience of Asia with a group of singles, couples and friends.