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Flight information

Are international flights included?

No. All our small group tours and tailor-made holiday prices exclude international airfares. By doing this we are able to offer a fairer price, give you the freedom to select your preferred airline, the most convenient departure airport or use any air-miles and benefits available to you.

Can you book our flights?

Yes. Our Asia specialists have access to many exclusive airfares and they have first-hand experience with almost all the airlines we work with. Travel Indochina offers fares on a range of carriers and in various travel classes. Contact one of our Asia specialists for an up to the minute quote on the best airfares for you.

What airlines do you work with?

Lots. We work with a range of full service airlines enabling us to offer a tailored service and the best fares. The airlines we work with service all major Australian ports, and have an extensive Asian network.

Can we stopover?

Yes. Your Asia specialist can arrange stopovers in numerous destinations. Stopover favourites include Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. With our Asia expertise we can also arrange pre and post tour accommodation and sightseeing across the continent at competitive prices. Popular extensions include the islands of Thailand, the beaches of Vietnam and city breaks.

Contact one of our Asia specialists today for your flight quote or extension ideas.