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River Cruises

It’s often said that the Mekong River is the lifeblood of Vietnam, with good reason. When this mighty river crosses the Cambodian border into Vietnam, it splits into the ‘nine-tailed dragon’ Cuu Long, and forms the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s prime rice and fruit-growing region. For travellers, a cruise on the Mekong River gives you the chance to see this incredible waterway up-close, to meet the people and experience the daily life and culture, almost as though you were a part of it.

In the far north of Vietnam, you can take an overnight cruise on World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. Lose yourself and all sense of time as you float on turquoise waters, threading in and out of the thousand limestone islets on your cruise. Here there are a range of options available to Travel Indochina travellers, including a number of ships that have been designed to capture the feel of traditional wooden junks - only with extra comfort and style.

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