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Beach holidays

Some of the world's most beautiful beaches can be found in Asia, from the idyllic islands and beach resort towns of Southern Thailand, to the white sand of Nha Trang in Vietnam or Sri Lanka's stretches of undeveloped sand. Enjoy an unforgettable travel experience swimming, diving, snorkelling or simply relaxing by warm, tropical waters with unparalleled service, beautifully-appointed hotels and fresh local seafood on offer.

In India, explore the famed stretch of coastline in Goa, or head to beautiful Kovalam further south. In Cambodia, try a unique stay in the emerging beach destination of Sihanoukville or in quieter Kep, or try the relatively undeveloped Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam if you're seeking something quiet. Whether it's a vibrant, action-packed beach destination you're after or a secluded tropical hideaway, Asia's beach breaks offer something for everyone.

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